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Deploying AI in Advanced Embedded Systems

Today’s advanced products, from consumer wearables to smart electric vehicles (EVs), are starting to leverage the power of AI to increase performance and functionality. However, those solutions require the appropriate hardware to run on. We talk to Anil Mankar, Co-Founder and CDO of BrainChip, about the company’s hardware and how it can empower an AI-based system.… READ THE FULL ARTICLE 

Einführung der ION ® /CME N-Serie Digitale Laufwerke

Sehen Sie sich ein 30-minütiges Webinar an, das von Norbert Harkam, Repräsentant von PMD, präsentiert wird und Ihnen alles über das revolutionäre ultrakompakte ION/CME Digital Drive der N-Serie erzählt. Erfahren Sie mehr über folgendes: Patentierter, ultrakompakter PCB-montierbarer FormfaktorFlexible, benutzerprogrammierbare Motion-Control-FunktionalitätUnvergleichliche KonnektivitätFunktionen Erweiterte Encoder-UnterstützungUnd vieles mehr! Erfahren Sie, wie es Ihnen bei Ihrem nächsten Designprojekt für E-Motor Steuerungen helfen wird, und erfahren Sie mehr über einige praktische Anwendungen, die die Leistungsfähigkeit und Flexibilität der ION der N-Serie veranschaulichen. Get English version >

On November 24, 2021, Beijing — GigaDevice, an industry-leading semiconductor supplier (stock number 603986), officially launched the latest member of its Arm® Cortex®-M33 core MCU portfolio, the GD32W515 series of Wi-Fi microcontrollers.

This brand new MCU family has leading baseband and RF performance, built-in TrustZone architecture to create a reliable hardware execution environment for secure data storage, and continues the perfect compatibility of software and hardware in the GD32 MCU family. The GD32W515 series products provide wireless connectivity development options for various application needs such as smart home, industrial IoT, and consumer electronics. With the enhanced processing capabilities and rich integration features, such designs are greatly simplified. Samples are now available and will be officially mass-produced in December. GD32W515 Series Cortex®-M33 Wi-Fi MCU Leading RF Performance and Rich Integrated Resources The GD32W515 …

Sensory, the leader in edge AI extends its reach to the cloud, offering a hybrid edge and cloud platform that puts customers in control of their AI deployments

Santa Clara, CA, January 5, 2022 – Sensory Inc., a Silicon Valley innovator of machine learning solutions for speech recognition and biometric identification, announces the beta release of, a complete AI as a Service platform designed for processing voice and vision AI workloads in the cloud. Leveraging Sensory’s decades of experience with voice and vision AI, the SensoryCloud platform is launched with AI services such as Speech to Text, Sound Identification, Wake Word Verification, Face Verification, and Speaker Identification. Additional services and updates will be offered throughout the year. With SensoryCloud, customers are offered a cloud AI platform that puts them in …